Latest news

2 February 2022: A few new papers out in the past couple months:

Accelerated shifts in terrestrial life zones under climate change, Global Change Biology

(get the life zone data here)

Upward expansion and acceleration of forest clearance in the mountains of Southeast Asia, Nature Sustainability

Contrasting seasonal patterns of relative temperature and thermal heterogeneity and their influence on breeding and winter bird richness patterns across the conterminous United States, Ecography

(get the thermal data here)

I am a Climate Adaptation Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Previously I held positions as a Research Associate in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at UC Berkeley. My research broadly focuses on applied ecology, conservation biology, and biogeography, with a particular interest in understanding the impacts of global change on biodiversity.

My current and ongoing projects aim to:

(1) quantify environmental change and its impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity

(2) understand where climate adaptation needs are most acute

(3) determine ways to facilitate ecological and social adaptation

To tackle these issues, I combine large geospatial datasets with field observations and biodiversity databases and use remote sensing and statistical models. I also still have a passion for understanding the ecology, conservation, and biogeography of Himalayan birds, which was the focus of my research during my PhD.